Our themes so far, in 2022:

January: Matter and meaning: what matters most to people these days? What gives us meaning?
February: Making a difference: how can we truly make a difference and push things forward?
March: Utopias and dystopias: what are we living in right now? Is humanity going forwards or backwards?
April: Love and fear: the two most powerful motivators of human behaviour, but what’s driving us these days?
May: Face the strange: how well are we coping with changes these days? To what extent are we turning to face them?
June: The simple life: has covid forced us to rediscover joy in simplicity and our sense of self?

Next up…

July: Identity 2.0: as self expression evolves and expands, can the things that divide us bring us together?

The Simple Life
Face the Strange
Love and Fear
Utopias and Dystopias
Making a Difference
Matter and Meaning
Magic and Maths
The Only Thing That's Certain Is Uncertainty
Media for Social Good
The Right Tool for the Job
Shaking Up the Status Quo