Theme of the Month:
Matter and Meaning

To kick off the year (Janaury 2022) our writers delved into the heady topic of Matter and Meaning: what matters most to people right now? What gives us meaning?


Gaming invented the metaverse, but where is it going next?

The Value Engineers' Simon Stokes looks to entertainment crossovers into parallel worlds, the way we...


Boots, Thomas Cook and Piggly Wiggly: brands as agents of change

Brand change markets, attitudes, behavior. Some brands can even change society and the way we live o...


Lessons in leadership from a 40-something graduate trainee

Wavemaker UK's new Chief Growth Officer, Katie Lee, on squiggly careers and how learning is a necess...


January 2022: UK Consumer Confidence Briefing

The monthly UK Consumer Confidence Barometer undertaken by GfK shows confidence fell in 4 of the 6 m...


What we hoped and what we found: A retrospective analysis of the last decade’s worth of trends

Deeper Founder Ihsan Özçıtak and Medina Turgul DDB’s Managing Strategy Director Berkant Avcı l...


Advertising: reimagined. Why the language we use is a sign of bigger issues

Modern marketing speak is so predictable, and examples of copycat culture in our industry are endles...


Dialogue before diatribe, debate before delist

It's time for a civilised alternative to cancel culture, says author David Wethey


How will the business world change in 2022?

Changing attitudes and disrupted markets, rising prices and digital yuan, space stations and meta br...