About us

Where did the name ‘MediaCat’ come from, we hear you cry. Ok, maybe you didn’t actually ask, but we want to share it anyway, because it’s a good story. Let’s begin… the inspiration for the name came from one of the many fables out there about an owl and a cat. With this story, and how our name came to be, it goes like this:

An owl, a cat, and the arts

We consider marketing to be a stray cat, one that’s always loved the arts.

A cat, that indeed, knows how to use the arts to her benefit. And who, at times, can even make the arts fall in love with her.

One day an owl met this cat and fell in love. The owl said to the cat: “I’m a sailor. If you marry me you’ll have all the mice in the world when I take you overseas.

And so they got married, and travelled for miles under beautiful skies until they reached the owl’s land.

Upon seeing an abundance of mice on the shore, the cat buzzed with excitement. Yet over time, living on this land, the cat began to realise that happiness didn’t come from easy prey, but instead came from the chase. So even though she still loved the owl, she had to leave him in order to be truly happy.

And so it goes with marketing…. She can’t ever truly be happy just within the arts because she needs the chase.

However, she will always love the arts.

About MediaCat Magazine

MediaCat is a UK-based online publication which explores marketing and media change. We focus on brands, the environments in which they operate, and the industries that serve them.

We report on culture, society, ideas, trends, and perspectives.

Delving into modern brand experiences, evolving media landscapes, emerging forms of insight, the dynamic world of commerce, forces of transformation in organisations and markets, and the drivers of social impact, the magazine aims to guide professionals navigating a brave new world.

We’re always on the hunt for new writers, too. To find out more, contact us.

Image credit: Bennilover | Flickr