MediaCat Magazine Podcast

MediaCat Magazine Podcast

MediaCat is a UK-based online publication exploring marketing and media change. We focus on brands, the environments where they operate, and the industries that serve them, reporting on culture, society, ideas, trends, and perspectives. Delving into modern brand experiences, evolving media landscapes, emerging forms of insight, the dynamic world of commerce, forces of transformation in organisations and markets, and the drivers of social impact, the magazine aims to guide professionals navigating a brave new world.

Rebel With A Cause — with Sir John Hegarty

The industry legend on ideas, tradition, the future of work, persuasion and promotion, and learning ...

Virgin Atlantic’s Annabelle Cordelli and Lucky Generals’ Alice McGinn on air travel and evolving identities

We discuss how the brand is adapting to fit the cultural revolution in which we find ourselves

Livity’s Rani Patel on the fluid identity of Gen Z

Rani discusses the future of women and how Gen Z are shaping the world the way they want

Jay Richards and Jamie Oyebode on Gen Z and the joy in simplicity

Do Gen Z just want simple experiences? How have they evolved? We ask Jay and Jamie for insight

Paul Feldwick and Faris Yakob on the nature of fame and attention

We ask authors Paul and Faris how important fame is today and then watch their brains work

Kate Griffin Gleysteen on her career, motherhood, and the simple life

Discussing finding one's sense of self, how motherhood and the pandemic provided time for reflection...

Lauralee Whyte and Ally Owen on diversity washing, deaf rave DJs, and the future of work

From the future of work and diverse and inclusive talent to deaf rave DJs and change

Rebel With A Cause — with MTArt’s Marine Tanguy and Yann Mathias, and RANKIN’s Opal Turner

Marine, Yann and Opal on strategy, planning, creativity, and the future of art and commerce