Lori Meakin on gender polarisation in media

Feminine coded characters and how advertising is portrayed


MediaCat Magazine Podcast
MediaCat Magazine Podcast
Lori Meakin on gender polarisation in media

For this podcast Editor Mike Piggott welcomes back returning guest, Lori Meakin. Lori is author of the book No More Menemies and co-founder and CEO of The Others & Me. They discuss a recent insight report her consultancy has put together, delving into default-male design, models of conversation and feminine coded characters like Ted Lasso, how advertising is portrayed in the media (speaking on Calvin Klein and that FKA Twigs advert), social media algorithms limiting your point of view, gender norms, lad culture and ’90s girl power, and more.

About The Others & Me

The Others & Me was founded by Lori Meakin, a multi-award-winning strategist, author of No More Menemies. The innovation consultancy helps companies drive growth and maximise competitive advantage by a: Developing products and services for valuable but overlooked audiences (gender being the primary focus), and b: Creating a more effective, innovation-focused leadership and culture. Their recent insight report The Power Of The Invisible Women explores how default-male design and ideas are limiting business growth, and what we can do about it. It lays out the context, challenges, and most importantly, opportunities for brands who take an innovative and business-first approach to gender equality & inclusion. Because as research shows, they’re not mutually exclusive. And there’s big competitive gain for those who get there first.

Download the report. To find out more about the work they do, download this brochure. Find The Others & Me on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Lori Meakin, Founder and CEO, The Others & Me

Lori is a multi-award winning strategist, author and entrepreneur with decades of experience working with some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands. She recently founded The Others & Me, an innovation consultancy that helps companies: 1) Develop products and services for valuable but overlooked audiences, and 2): Create more effective, innovation-focused leadership and internal culture.

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