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Accessibility as a customer experience problem

Marianne Waite, Director of Inclusive Design at Interbrand talks about how brands are increasingly adopting more inclusive practices


New heads in the game

Audiomob’s co-founder Christian Facey reveals the new gaming audiences are not who they seem.

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Time to be seen

Dr Rebecca Swift, head of creative insights at Getty Images, explains how marketers can represent marginalised groups more authentically


Find the ‘I’ in ‘team’

Companies should be praised for offering apprenticeships, claims André (Dedé) Laurentino, CCO Ogilvy UK, but they often miss the target when it comes to full inclusivity


Nielsen launches new tool to accelerate diversity transformation

Gracenote Inclusion Analytics provides new demographic insights across TV talent and audience


Flexibility and accountability now vital for the employer brand

Employees demand more flexible work structures, a proactive approach to career development and social accountability from their companies, to help cope with future uncertainty.


Marrying maths and magic

Wolff Olins CEO Sairah Ashman has dug into the secret formula for building brand – and self.

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Unilever to prioritise spend with suppliers embracing diversity

The FMCG giant has been a vocal supporter of the living wage and diversity, now it is encouraging suppliers to follow its lead