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New heads in the game

Audiomob’s co-founder Christian Facey reveals the new gaming audiences are not who they seem.


6 takeaways from Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity was held virtually last week. In addition to livestreamed awards shows, participants accessed a plethora of on-demand talks.


Connecting in the Moment

James Collins, Senior Vice President, Media Network at Rakuten Advertising explores the importance of context to successful advertising strategies


Not bigger but better for 2021?

The IPA Bellwether Report measures budget increases against cuts and has found things are getting better in the first quarter of 2021, or at least less bad, than in the last quarter of 2020.


Number 10 is number one

Number 10 outspent the likes of Unilever and Sky on campaigns that attracted controversy and criticism


Locked down and uninspired

Chris Stokel-Walker asks why viewers were faced with such bland creative during a time when the opportunity to reach TV audiences and re-energise them was at an all-time high


Find the ‘I’ in ‘team’

Companies should be praised for offering apprenticeships, claims André (Dedé) Laurentino, CCO Ogilvy UK, but they often miss the target when it comes to full inclusivity


Looking after the brand next door

Consumers want to support their local business communities and are looking to brands to follow suit