Claire Atkin on the disinformation economy

What a better advertising system might look like


MediaCat Magazine Podcast
MediaCat Magazine Podcast
Claire Atkin on the disinformation economy

In this pod our Editor Mike Piggott chats to Claire Atkin, CEO and Co-Founder of Check My Ads, the adtech watchdog. They discuss how Check My Ads has evolved from an agency to an institute, Claire’s definition of brand safety, dismantling the disinformation economy, what’s happening inside corporations right now, what a better advertising system might look like, as well as the possible positive and negative impact that AI might have on brand safety in the future.

They also briefly manage to talk about lemons. This podcast is half an hour long, and packed with lots of insight and wisdom from Claire. We hope you enjoy.

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Mike Piggott, Executive Editor at MediaCat Magazine

Mike is Exec. Editor at MediaCat Magazine. He joined in 2021, launched a podcast and began creating interesting marketing industry related content, with monthly themes such as 'Utopias and Dystopias', 'Hope and Kindness' and 'Side Quests'. Before that he was Editor at The Marketing Society (2013-2021), where he created and launched a bi-monthly publication and a podcast. He is also a street photographer, screenwriter, and film and TV blogger. He also once came second in a Creative Review competition to rewrite Trainspotting's famous 'choose life' speech.

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