Rebel With A Cause — with Craft Media’s Sally and Jen

We break planners and strategists like we're breaking a horse


Rebel With A Cause
Rebel With A Cause
Rebel With A Cause — with Craft Media's Sally and Jen

For this latest Rebel With A Cause podcast, hosted by RANKIN’s Opal Turner, we have not one but two brilliant media brains as guests: Jen and Sally, founders of Craft Media. Opal was very excited to host this chat, as Jen and Sally spilled the beans discussing their unique place in the industry, and what happens when comms planning is approached, neutrally and holistically.

This chat comes in at just under an hour, and is packed full of wisdom.

Quotes from the pod…

When we hire planners or strategists we almost have to break them for three months…. we’re very honest about it! You’ve been trained to deliver an answer in a certain way and actually, we want you to do the opposite. We want you to take a step back and think more generally. It’s like breaking a horse!’ 

We’re also teaching people to have a point of view on creative, because it’s been so divorced. Encouraging people to have a voice has been a huge part of what we do.’ 

As an industry we are forcing people to specialise too early. It sort of gives everyone a blinkered point of view of the world and the net result of that is they can’t step up and take an overview, because they only know their thing. And how boring is that?! I can see why people get bored.’ 

Opal Turner, Creative Copywriter at Ogilvy

One half of an unconventional creative team with partner Luke Lasenby. Previously at RANKIN CREATIVE and The Garage Soho; Opal is a Creative AND Strategist who really believes in the value of being multi-disciplinary.Opal is the co-host of MediaCat Magazine podcast miniseries ‘Rebel with a Cause’ (see the web link in this bio), where we follow Opal’s conversations with folk across the industry to explore her pet theory that strategy is a creative person's secret weapon. And in the process test the waters to see how the industry responds to this Rebel with a Cause’s refusal to pick a box.

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