AI or die! Glenn Fisher discusses Fix Fest 2

Embracing AI, robot DJs, dancing and poetry


Fix Fest
Fix Fest
AI or die! Glenn Fisher discusses Fix Fest 2

This year MediaCat Magazine are partnering with Fix Fest, a one-day alternative style conference run by The Fix — a project by copywriters for copywriters. We spoke to author and copywriter, Glenn Fisher, one of the co-founders of The Fix, about this year’s ‘AI or die’ theme, a robot DJ and dancing, algorithmic poetry, this year’s speakers, copywriters on pub crawls, and how Glenn’s dog, Pablo, factors into things.

We also discuss the assumption that everyone in business knows how to write good copy, and how good copywriting is not just writing, and that there’s a lot more that goes into the process.

About Fix Fest

The most ambitious copywriting event of the year is back and threatens to be even crazier than its first incarnation. This time, MediaCat are teaming up with the hosts to bring you some exclusive insight into what Fix Fest is all about and what the impressive selection of speakers will be discussing this year. The strange and often bamboozling event, for those who’ve not come across it yet, is hosted by copywriting veterans and founders of The Fix, Glenn Fisher and Nick O’Connor. Now in its second year, Fix Fest brings the best in the business together to celebrate copywriting, creativity and — this year — to find out what AI really means for the advertising industry.

After featuring the likes of Steve Harrison, Quiet Storm’s Rania Robinson and Meanwhile’s James Cross last year, speakers this time around include American direct response copywriting legend John Forde, founder of Women of Web3 Lauren Ingram, VeryGoodCopy’s Eddie Shleyner, Channel 4 streaming’s creative director, Landy Slattery, and Nick and Glenn themselves. See the full line up.

The festival itself will be taking place on Wednesday 3 July in a crypt under a church in Clerkenwell, London (as we said, nothing is quite as it seems with Fix Fest) and the remaining tickets for the event are on sale now. In the run-up to the big day, we’ll be bringing you some sneak peeks into what the industry-leading guests will be talking about.

Glenn Fisher

Glenn Fisher is the author of The Art of the Click and host of The Fix. You can find out more at

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