‘No More Menemies’: Lori Meakin on a gender-equal world

Discussing why patriarchy isn't fit for purpose and more


MediaCat Magazine Podcast
MediaCat Magazine Podcast
'No More Menemies': Lori Meakin on a gender-equal world

In this podcast MediaCat Magazine‘s Editor Mike Piggott speaks to Lori Meakin. Lori is an exec member of WACL, co-founder of Joint, Founder & CEO of The Others and Me, and author of No More Menemies, a book about building a more gender-equal world where men are no longer the enemy.

They discuss why Lori decided to write the book (trigger warning: there is a brief mention of sexual assault in the first few minutes of this discussion). They then get into why and how men are lost and how they can become more pro-social, ’90s girl power and what feminism means today, why it gets a bad rep and where men fit into these conversations, why patriarchy is not fit for purpose, and how the themes of the book apply to the advertising and marketing world. We end the pod with Lori sharing her four favourite books, as part of our ongoing series.

About the book

We live in troubled times: even though gender equality is proven to benefit all of us, including men, the anti-feminist backlash is growing, especially amongst young men, and cancel culture creates a climate of fear even for the men who want to help. So how can we get past the gender wars and ‘menemies’ mindset, and build a world that works better for all of us? No More Menemies answers that question. In it, Lori sets out a Reality Check on eight big issues of gender inequality, including sex, parenting, taking up space, and the world of work.

She explores the relationship between homophobia, transphobia and misogyny, how society has, for centuries, taught men to belittle anything ‘girly’ and to police each other’s masculinity; and she highlights how much of the problem remains invisible to all of us. Then, rather than telling men how they should change, she builds from what they already want and care about. She’s spent many hours talking to all kinds of men, from undergrads to grandads, to understand what it feels like to be a man right now; and to try and uncover reasons why men might genuinely want to lean in to gender equality. The results are fascinating, sometimes funny, and full of hope and positivity.

Useful links

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Mike Piggott, Executive Editor at MediaCat Magazine

For eight years (2013 to 2020) Mike shaped and led The Marketing Society’s editorial, digital and content strategy, working with CMOs, marketing directors, CEOs, authors, and heads of strategy to produce culturally relevant content that resonates with business leaders worldwide. Near the end of 2021 he joined MediaCat Magazine. He launched their podcast channel in early 2022, and set about creating thematic content that writers could dig into each month, themes such as 'utopias and dystopias' and 'age and wisdom'. On the side he's a screenwriter, spoken word poet, film and TV blogger and music critic. He also once came second in a Creative Review competition to rewrite Trainspotting's famous 'choose life' speech.

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