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Love, fear, and the independent artist

Truant London's Chris Jefford highlights the challenges that independent artists, musicians and creatives face these days, balancing fear and love, risk and reward, and autonomy and control


Art, fashion, branding and the importance of acting with intention

Mullenlowe Group UK's Strategy Director Hannah Hayes-Westall argues that engaging and innovating is more important than perfecting when it comes to finding your brand voice in the metaverse


Q&A with Jo Barnard, founder and Creative Director of industrial design agency, Morrama

In this interview our Editor, Mike Piggott, chats to Jo about having a desk covered in sex toys, the evolution of the sexual wellness industry and men entering the conversation


Whatever the era, music finds a way

Truant London's Chris Jefford on technology's utopian and dystopian impact on the music industry


Brave New Words

'We don’t seem any closer to a dystopia or a utopia. It seems likely that we’ll never reach one or the other entirely,' writes Paul Pilbeam


Q&A with Priya Ahluwalia, founder of fashion brand, Ahluwalia

In this interview MediaCat chat to Priya about building her brand, learnings as a leader, fast fashion, collaboration and toxic masculinity


Advertising: reimagined. Why the language we use is a sign of bigger issues

Modern marketing speak is so predictable, and examples of copycat culture in our industry are endless, says Amy Kean


How will the business world change in 2022?

Changing attitudes and disrupted markets, rising prices and digital yuan, space stations and meta brands... author Peter Fisk looks at key moments for the year ahead