Demystifying dynamic creative optimisation in prDOOH

Ensure audiences are engaged with relevant content at the right moment

Picture this: harnessing a plethora of data points to pinpoint your ideal audience, delivering your message in precisely the right place at precisely the right time. That’s the power of dynamic creative optimisation (DCO). Buyers can now leverage DCO creative within their programmatic digital out of home (prDOOH) advertising and the benefits are game-changing. Whilst programmatic allows advertisers to seamlessly integrate various data sources to craft highly relevant and targeted OOH campaigns, adding a DCO element enables enhanced relevance of ads to audiences on a mass scale, in an innovative media channel that cuts through, as well as supporting in-flight campaign optimisation.

Advertising magic

prDOOH combined with DCO can deliver advertising magic including: 

  1. Contextually relevant experiences; enabling contextual ads on a mass-scale, in a world where data privacy is of utmost importance
  2. Dynamic messaging that changes in real-time to reflect consumer behaviour, mindset, and stage in the customer journey
  3. Streamlined creation and delivery of thousands of personalised and pre-approved ad variations
  4. Unlimited creative possibilities

The creative execution is a core piece of the puzzle, which essentially can make or break a campaign. DCO takes the creative, and by combining it with data elevates it to the next level, so it’s specific, relevant and drives higher engagement. Not only does DCO create a more personalised creative experience whilst capturing attention in a non-intrusive manner, but it also maximises the efficiency of your budget, at a time when brands need to be more mindful due to the current economic situation. 

Targeted campaigns

A key advantage of embracing DCO is its independence from third-party cookies for consumer data collection. In an era where privacy concerns are paramount, DCO offers advertisers a way to target audiences without compromising on personal data integrity. By leveraging data sources and audience planning, DCO enables advertisers to create targeted campaigns that drive tangible, measurable results.

In a drive-to-store campaign delivered for Jeep, VIOOH’s DSP partner Hawk seamlessly integrated audience targeting with location-based messaging. By dynamically updating ads with the nearest car showroom’s address, the campaign not only simplified the customer journey but also achieved highly measurable results. There were 2,833 visits to a Jeep dealership within 10 days of being exposed to an ad, and 700 Compass units were sold as a result of the campaign, achieving 50% of the annual sales target. 

In another instance we collaborated with multiple partners and media owners for PlayStation during the World Cup to deliver a truly innovative campaign. By leveraging live football results to trigger location-specific ads, we ensured that audiences were engaged with relevant content at precisely the right moment. From celebrating goals to showcasing player highlights, the DCO-powered campaign captivated audiences across eight different markets throughout the tournament.

Keep it simple

For advertisers looking to dip their toes into the world of DCO, simplicity is key. A great way is to start small, experiment with location-based campaigns and gradually expand your horizons, avoiding the temptation to overload your campaigns with excessive data sources. Instead, focus on identifying which data sets truly align with your objectives, and draw inspiration from successful case studies, whether it’s leveraging location, sales, search, or even TV data. By tailoring your ads to reference local landmarks, weather conditions, or even home town pride, you will help ensure your campaign is best positioned to resonate with your audience.

Remember, the key to effective advertising lies in crafting messages that feel personal and relevant to the consumer.

DCO isn’t just about understanding the technology — it’s about unlocking its potential to extend the impact of your advertising strategy in an efficient and cost-effective way. VIOOH has supported DCO campaigns globally, with partners including FluxOutdoor, Sage+Archer, and, enabling advertisers to create highly targeted, engaging campaigns that deliver measurable results. So take the leap into the world of DCO and elevate your advertising game today.

Featured image: Christopher Campbell / Unsplash

Layla Soufi, Regional Partnerships Director EMEA at VIOOH

Layla has been supporting the growth of prDOOH and accelerating DSP partnerships globally for the past two and a half years as Regional Partnerships Director of DSPs EMEA at VIOOH, the leading premium global digital out of home supply side platform. Having worked in a number of fast-growing ad tech companies previously including GumGum and SambaTV, Layla brings a wealth of experience and a strong understanding of the ever-evolving programmatic space and overall media industry. In her current role, Layla works with DSP partners to ensure seamless activations for buyers to bolster revenue growth.

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