Rebel With A Cause — with Lex Hearth

'Your voice is valid in whatever space you would like it to be'


Rebel With A Cause
Rebel With A Cause
Rebel With A Cause — with Lex Hearth

In this instalment of Rebel With A Cause Opal Turner sat down with creative soul Lex Hearth. Lex is probably the most multi-disciplinary person we’ve had on the pod: a DJ, brand strategist and digital marketer who has worked for Nike and BBH London, and the author of upcoming book, ‘Everything I Know About Marketing’. The ambition, passion and emotional insight Lex has for her work is infectious, and we hope that comes across. This discussion touches on how one spins all the plates in one’s life to how to go freelance, self-confidence and legacy versus impact. If that wasn’t enough, you can subscribe to Lex’s substack, where each week she picks five bits of culture or creative she’s enjoying. 

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Quotes from Lex

‘Make a decision that you deserve to be able to create something and put it out into the world, and that your voice is valid in whatever space you would like it to be.’ 

‘It takes a lot of self-confidence to create, to believe that your voice is valid. I don’t have a fear of giving up, but I do have a fear of succeeding.’ 

‘There’s a really nice Lauryn Hill quote which is; “You may not touch a million lives but you can light up your own space..” I think that’s true. That’s how I look at legacy. Each of us touch a few people through our words, through our deeds.’ 

‘People think that money moves the world, but it’s culture that moves the world, and often money follows that.’

Opal Turner, Creative Copywriter at Ogilvy

One half of an unconventional creative team with partner Luke Lasenby. Previously at RANKIN CREATIVE and The Garage Soho; Opal is a Creative AND Strategist who really believes in the value of being multi-disciplinary.Opal is the co-host of MediaCat Magazine podcast miniseries ‘Rebel with a Cause’ (see the web link in this bio), where we follow Opal’s conversations with folk across the industry to explore her pet theory that strategy is a creative person's secret weapon. And in the process test the waters to see how the industry responds to this Rebel with a Cause’s refusal to pick a box.

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