Theme of the Month:
Nooks & Crannies (aka Seeking Connection)

Where are the nooks and crannies in life and culture? We seek connection more than ever these days, but where now, do we find our tribes? This is the theme we’re exploring at the magazine in August.

Social Impact

Inclusivity must not be a casualty of digital transformation

The pandemic led to a boom in digital transformation, but leaders need to be mindful of inclusivity ...


How the future web is helping Gen Z to find their crowd

Authentic self-expression and niche community-driven experiences. Welcome to the future web


The yin and the yang

Writer Ben Kay reflects on 30 years of the internet, and how it remains both a good and bad thing


Can brands play a role in creating positive common ground?

There's an opportunity for brands to see audiences as communities, says 1HQ Amsterdam's Terri O'Conn...


Where do we find our tribes these days?

The speed at which we make new connections may have changed, but spaces are the same, says Weber Sha...


Labels unite us: division isn’t a necessary consequence

Asexual model Yasmin Benoit on embracing the benefits of labels in terms of identity


Nooks & Crannies — MediaCat Magazine’s August 2022 playlist

Thanks to Wunderman Thompson for curating this list


New world of possibilities

Web 3.0 enables a new form of tribal connection that brands can build on, writes Ben Sillence