Theme of the Month:
As self expression evolves and expands, can the things that divide us bring us together?

From gender identity to the ways in which we connect through technology and social media, this is the theme we explored at the magazine in July.

Social Impact

Who profits from division? Follow the money

Hannah Hayes-Westall says culture wars are a for-profit enterprise, and you ...


Ch Ch Changes: why the industry mustn’t be seduced by the thril...

For long term growth we must remain grounded and be adaptable, ...



Social Impact

Blurred lives

We might be different around different people but for brands, identity ...


Fluid identities and our subconscious

Rosie Pritchard, Senior Researcher at Neuro-Insight UK, on how our subconscious ...


Q&A with We Are Pi’s Alex Bennet-Grant

The Founder and CEO discusses cultural innovation, Amsterdam's DEI scene, and ...


2022: A human odyssey

ico Design's Nima Falatoori on how brands that carry themselves with ...


Labels unite us: division isn’t a necessary consequence

Asexual model Yasmin Benoit on embracing the benefits of labels in ...


Our collective epiphany on work-life balance

'Work to live' as a philosophy is more accepted, and should ...


Identities are curated matrices of brand partnerships

ProQuo AI's Nadim Sadek says that, every day, we're surrounded by ...


Identity 2.0 — MediaCat Magazine’s July 2022 playlist

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