Theme of the Month:

Did The Matrix’s Agent Smith have it right when he said that humans are a virus because we don’t coexist with our environment? Have the last few years helped us think about how and what we consume, or are we just returning to old ways? This September we look at balance: how out of whack are we, in life and business? How can we find equilibrium?

Thanks to Nick Maker of The Elements Music for this month’s playlist.


What mindfulness looks like now

People are creating their own version of wellness, and here are ...


How behavioural science helps us stay in balance with the planet

It’s what individuals do that matters. Worthy claims won’t save the ...




Tinder VP Papri Dev on localisation, LGBT+ and love

Embracing diversity, Gen Z, and responsible dating


Equilibrium in advertising: balance in a world of extremes

The pendulum of the advertising universe swings with flair


September Fashion Weeks: equilibrium in evolving trends

In fashion as in culture, getting balance means accepting transience

Social Impact

Slouching towards Bethlehem

Creativity flourishes in the midst of turbulent societal change


A slippery, shape-shifting ‘sustainability’ 

Sustainability... a maze we’ve been wandering in for too long


Copywriter Steve Harrison: shaping advertising’s legacy

A journey of influence, innovation, and reflections on modern advertising


Micro-seasons: brands need ways to be sensitive to the world around them

Teaching brands the value of continual adaptation for sustainable ideas


We’re only human: conscious quitting and company culture

'Sometimes I need to remind myself it is only advertising'