Theme of the Month:
Love and Fear

Love and fear (April 2022): the two most powerful motivators of human behaviour, but what’s driving us these days?


How to unlock the motivating forces of consumers to build an ROI-bustin’ campaign

"John Lennon once said, 'There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love', but he didn't know about the metaverse." Seen Connects' Joe Mowles digs into what drives us


Love, fear, and the independent artist

Truant London's Chris Jefford highlights the challenges that independent artists, musicians and creatives face these days, balancing fear and love, risk and reward, and autonomy and control

Social Impact

All you need is love

CSO at M&C Saatchi, Sophie Lewis, says fear is a destructive force and the world around us right now is showing many examples of love and partnership


Love and Fear — MediaCat Magazine’s April 2022 playlist

Thanks to the team at Livity for curating this month's 'love and fear' playlist


Three ways to nail internal comms in 2022

ACA Live's Owner and MD, Adam Goodman, on why you should spend time focusing on your internal comms this year


Dave Dye’s cartoons… On love and hate

Silly flavours and role reversals... latest cartoons from the talented Dave Dye


What’s love got to do with it?

In his latest piece The Value Engineers' Giles Lury wonders if the nature of consumer love for brands has changed


It ain’t pretty, but at least we’ll have nice memories

Author and copywriter Glenn Fisher on the power of nostalgia


Thank you for your attention, the future of media

As global ad spend continues its recovery, Thomas Le Thierry, EMEA CEO of Media at dentsu international, says a new media value system is needed


Interview with the Editor — TikTok For You

This month, and as part of a new series, author of Infinite Gamification Toby Beresford examines the design behind TikTok's 'For You' algorithm


From fear of uncertainty to love for the unknown

Brand and strategy consultant Olga delves into a love of the unknown and asks, how can brands adopt a 'change is good' mindset?


Looking after mental health when all you read and write about is scary stuff

From implementing a positive morning routine to setting yourself news curfews, Yard's Lekha Ly on how to protect your mental health as a Digital Marketing professional


Innovation is everywhere — you just have to look for it

From Dyson to Nike, Bewonder's Head of Strategy, Oliver Budworth, examines brands that not only talk about innovation, but actually live it


What if agencies were more like plants?

From embracing flexibility to being a genuine force for good Tony Mattson, Head of Strategy at Havas Media Group, lists what we can learn from plants


Fear and love in data: the emotional power of the value exchange

SoPost's Toby Evans argues that if your customers love what you're offering, they won't fear giving you their data


Procurement people are your friends, not the enemy

Jon Williams, Founder of The Liberty Guild, on how, with procurement, you honestly don't have to sell your soul