Love and Fear — MediaCat Magazine’s April 2022 playlist

Thanks to the team at Livity for curating this month's 'love and fear' playlist

If love and fear are the two most powerful motivators of human behaviour, what’s driving us most these days? This is the theme we explored at the magazine in April. To supplement this theme we asked the team at Livity to curate this month’s playlist. Thanks to Cecilia Morgan, researcher at Livity for putting this one together.

Love and Fear — curated by Livity

If you’re interested in curating future playlists for us, get in touch.


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Mike Piggott

Mike is Executive Editor at MediaCat Magazine. For eight years (2013 to 2020) he shaped and led The Marketing Society’s editorial, digital and content strategy, working with CMOs, marketing directors, CEOs, authors, and heads of strategy to produce culturally relevant content that resonates with business leaders worldwide. Near the end of 2021 he joined MediaCat Magazine. On the side he's a screenwriter, spoken word poet, film and TV blogger and music critic. He also once came second in a Creative Review competition to rewrite Trainspotting's famous 'choose life' speech.

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