Theme of the Month:
Fit for purpose

From the things we consume to our ways of life, is anything fit for purpose anymore? Are humans actually doing anything right? Do we need a radical rethink of everything? And is that even possible, or is effective change only ever incremental? For August we explore these questions. Thanks to Enrico Cadamuro for our playlist.


What Marines (and vicars) can teach us about marketing, and chang...

'We need to think hard about how to adapt to new ...

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Listen and learn from Lady Gaga

'I’m thankful to Lady Gaga for showing the world that different ...



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Agency, to have and have not

A K-drama which examines Ad agency life in Korea


Brands aren’t absolute: they exist in relation to a changing world

Chris West digs into debranding and rebranding


Brands, hustles, and digital echoes: navigating our new normal

Web3 and blockchain revolution, is it a society fit for purpose?


Purpose-washing: why brands must ensure activism is genuine

A value isn't a value unless it costs you something


Advertising triumphs when truth beats in its heart

Embrace who your audience are, not who you’d like them to ...


Why media isn’t fit for purpose if you’re an SME

The industry should recognise the value of the 99%, not the ...


Creating meaningful work

Wellness coach Debbie Green on her top tips for employers

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It’s Barbie’s world. Should we be living in it?

Is a matriarchal society better for all of mankind?