Theme of the Month:
The Only Thing That's Certain Is Uncertainty

From Brexit to vaccines, cookies and beyond, how to have confidence in the future when nothing is certain.


European deliveries a bridge too far after Brexit

Unravelling Brexit red tape to get the smooth flow of goods going again may take some time


The pandemic proves it doesn’t pay to be anti-social

Marketers must weigh up measurement challenges against the flexibility and reach of social advertising


No FOMO with WFH

Remote working has its benefits but creative teams often fear the lack of stimulus and collaborative opportunities. There’s no FOMO at Somo, explains James Turner.


Can retailers deliver this Christmas?

Christmas scramble as second wave of COVID-19 drives consumers online-only 


What planet is programmatic on?

After recent complaints that the world of programmatic transacting is murky at best, ITV is attempting to clear up the digital ad supply chain, explains Mazen Hussain.


Marketers must re-engage post-pandemic

James Delves explores the latest data from the Chartered Institute of Marketing to find patience, planning and confidence are key in supporting brand reputation post-pandemic


The 4D puzzle of marketing to Gen Z

In Part Two of our two-part exploration of GenZ, Jerome Hiquet explains how to win the Customer Attention battle.