Theme of the Month:
Utopias and Dystopias

What are we living in these days? Is humanity going forwards or backwards? Is the metaverse just an excuse to avoid the problems of the real world? This month (March 2022) our contributors explore utopias and dystopias all around us.


Q&A with Jo Barnard, founder and Creative Director of industrial design agency, Morrama

In this interview our Editor, Mike Piggott, chats to Jo about having a desk covered in sex toys, the evolution of the sexual wellness industry and men entering the conversation


Can a virtual world save our planet… or will it just make things worse?

Possible Future's Sixtine Naquet-Radiguet, Vincent Defrenet and Grégoire Mulot discuss the realistic potential of the metaverse


Protopian Advertising

Genius Steals' Faris Yakob says it's neither utopia nor dystopia we're moving towards, but a protopia


Why the metaverse represents interaction rather than escape

The metaverse is designed for entertainment — but that doesn’t mean forgetting real life and human connection, says Productman's Sebastien Partika


Why retail media is the future of AdTech

Retail media could offer a utopia if data is managed properly, says Moloco's Paul Childs


Utopias and Dystopias — MediaCat Magazine’s March 2022 playlist

Introducing MediaCat Magazine's monthly playlist


Meet Seedtag’s Paul Thompson

Seedtag's UK and Netherlands Country Manager Paul Thompson's thoughts on company's progress, digital marketing and the post-cookie world

Social Impact

Why your brand purpose isn’t just a passing trend

A slower, more intentional approach to purpose is the way to go, says Julian Harriman-Dickinson, Co-Founder of HarrimanSteel


The promise of the creator economy

ThoughtLeaders' Shoshana Eilon argues that there's a darker side to the creator economy, one that's a far cry from the fantasy of creative independence


Whatever the era, music finds a way

Truant London's Chris Jefford on technology's utopian and dystopian impact on the music industry


Brave New Words

'We don’t seem any closer to a dystopia or a utopia. It seems likely that we’ll never reach one or the other entirely,' writes Paul Pilbeam

Social Impact

How can brands balance the all-important growth and ethics?

Interbrand's Strategy Director Naeiri Zargarian argues ethical practices should be built into a brand from its inception


Is the metaverse utopia or dystopia?

If you want your brand to find long-term success in the metaverse, be a builder not a salesman, says Grey London's Jesper Norgaard

Changing, fast and slow

Changing, fast and slow

In an industry that operates on one of the fastest moving cultural planes, proper structural change takes time, says author Faris Yakob


White feminism and the struggle Olympics

Founder of The Diversity Partnership, Abi Adamson, has a few heartfelt words to say about Jane Campion and her recent lack of humility


The console wars are dead; long live the content wars

2CV’s Zach Kemp-Hall digs into, by way of Skyrim, Fallout and God of War, what PlayStation and Xbox’s war of acquisitions might mean for the future of gaming