Theme of the Month:
The Masks We Wear

What masks do we wear, in work and life? A few years ago there was a trend around bringing your whole/authentic self to work, but should we? At times, is it useful to wear a mask? What masks do businesses and brands wear? Can you lose yourself or your brand if you wear too many masks, and too often? These are the questions we’ll be exploring in November.

Also, thanks to Chris Jefford and Truant London for this month’s playlist.


Into the emotional panopticon

Unmasking the wider risks of an emotion-detecting AI world

Social Impact

Is there a problem in Adland?

Clamouring for shock value... a pervasive trend in the industry



Social Impact

Girlhood and the hyper-segmentation of identity

How influencers and brands are changing product storytelling


Masks, creativity and unified communication

'When I host creative workshops I slip on a positive mask'

Social Impact

Mask wearing: Self censorship or sound advice?

The Advertising Association found less than half LGBTQ+ people felt they ...


Navigating advertising during a cost of living Christmas

Common People's Aoife on brands driving advertising, but with empathy


The irresistible power of imperfect brands 

Transforming a brand from faceless machine to relatable character


Dark UX is killing consumer confidence

Brands should consider how they can create positive online experiences


Why are creators confessing it all?

Realness and authenticity have become the most valuable currency


Burners, finstas and circles: hiding our true opinions online

Things aren’t as simple as a quick 'block'