Theme of the Month:
Who cares?

For October we focus on care: are we properly looking after ourselves? How well are our institutions taking care of us? Where they might be failing, and to what extent are brands and businesses filling the gaps? How and where can we inject more ‘care’, into work and life? And thanks to Chris Singleton, Founder of Style Factory, for this month’s playlist.


Are the UK’s world-class creative industries at risk? 

Creative industries need to secure a place in mainstream policies


Archiving blackness: with PhD researcher, ndhenry

A curation of magazine covers and turning points in Black history



Social Impact

Q&A: from creativity to care, with Innocean’s Alvin Ho

Behind the scenes of the world’s first fly-repellent canteen


Experience trumps TV at Christmas

Memorable purchase experiences without a bearded man in a red suit


Altruism and the algorithm

We’re upholding a system where philanthropy is a product


Does ‘customer intuition’ mean ditching the data?

A new wave of AI tools are changing the game


Zillennial marketing: access the hidden generation

Authenticity, quality, and ethics are non-negotiable


Big Brother is watching you… then posting about it on TikTok

There are parallels with the creative industry when it comes to ...


LFF Expanded: Exploring the past through immersive storytelling

Remembering forgotten stories of the past


LFF Expanded: Exploring the future through immersive storytelling

Are you a participant or a dissident?