Does ‘customer intuition’ mean ditching the data?

A new wave of AI tools are changing the game

Successful businesses have an abundance of ‘customer intuition.’ The distinction between thriving and lagging behind often hinges on a seemingly simple yet incredibly impactful customer-led philosophy. For those who think ‘intuition’ means ditching the data, think again. It’s more about having a deep understanding of the customer that feels instinctive because it’s built on solid insights.

It’s not only about listening to your audience, but also about engaging in an ongoing conversation with them.

The brand growth challenge: where customer intuition comes in

Every rising challenger brand or start-up has that moment where they spot a customer need or gap in the market and successfully design a solution to fill it. This close connection to the customer’s world is often their springboard to success. Sometimes founders are fixing a problem they have experienced themselves. But as they scale, they face a new set of challenges. The same deep understanding that powered their initial growth can start to fade. Questions and doubts pop up: What’s our next move? How do we stay ahead? What do younger customers really want?

Making customer insight as simple as a chat (with your data) over coffee

To keep growing and thriving, brands need to keep that deep connection to their customers alive. This isn’t just about data or trends. It’s about feeling in sync with the customer, knowing their needs, and being ready for their next move. Real-time feedback is key. Brands need to keep the conversation going, adapting as they learn more about their audience.

Traditional research has its place, but it often feels like looking at a static snapshot when what you need is a movie. And let’s be honest, data decks with hundreds of slides of data points aren’t for everyone. They can create a gap between your teams and that genuine feel for the customer. Qualitative interviewing platforms are a great way to start closing this gap, and bring the customer or prospect into the heart of marketing decision-making. But even this can be challenging for brands that have niche or hard-to-reach audiences. Sometimes this step is skipped in the rush to hit deadlines.

But now there’s a new wave of AI tools changing the game. They’re about making customer insights come alive, turning data into real conversations.

For instance, we went about it by trying to make static data points feel much more like having a chat with a friend. By bringing your data to life through an AI-powered persona, it really feels like an ongoing conversation with your customer segment. Imagine no longer having to search folders for research reports conducted months or even years ago, but having a smart teammate that represents your target audience, who is ready to assist you by turning their comprehensive knowledge base into the exact insights you need?

A future where customer insights come alive

The next generation of leading brands will be the ones that bring the customer into every meeting or brainstorming session. The time has come to leave behind ‘gut feel’ guesses or static data reports and step into a future where customer insight comes alive.

The next new member of your marketing team could well be an AI-powered teammate that represents your target audience and is ready to help you nail the next big marketing project you’re working on.

Take your customer intuition to a whole new level.

Featured image: Barbara Zandoval / Unsplash

Simon Marmara, Director at Untold Insights

Simon Marmara, Director at Untold Insights, is a Digital Design & AI Specialist. He is known for his "design thinking" approach. He excels at translating insights into tangible outcomes that meet user needs and business objectives. With expertise in AI development and marketing strategy, Simon leverages artificial intelligence to enhance user experiences and optimize business processes. He seamlessly integrates design principles into every stage of product development, resulting in exceptional user experiences and improved efficiency.Simon's market insight and proficiency in marketing strategy enable him to create user-centric solutions that resonate with target audiences and drive business growth. Throughout his career, he’s collaborated effectively with cross-functional teams, fostering communication and shared vision for successful project execution.

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