Sami Can Besceli

Sami Can Besceli is the Founder and Director of INTG.Strategies in London. Since 2010, he’s been working in ad industry on and off as a brand strategist and took care of global brands marketing communication-wise such as Nivea, SC Johnson, Kraft, Nescafé, Coca Cola, Samsung, Faber-Castell, Unilever, Nike and so on. Overall, he’s experienced in conventional, digital and shopper advertising alongside having robust knowledge in media and UX strategies following his masters in Brunel University London where he studied Design Strategy and Innovation MA. Today, he works with various creative consultancies or agencies, universities and start-ups in the UK and across the world as a consultant. From an industry perspective, he’s interested in themes like cultural trends, design thinking, emerging technologies, AI ethics, so on and so forth.