Oh Oh Oh: Lovehoney teams with Leith to launch Christmas ad

The ad uses real customer reviews

To bring the big O to the small screen, UK sexual wellness brand Lovehoney has teamed up with creative agency Leith to launch its inaugural Christmas TV ad.

Using real customer experiences, the ad champions the idea that ‘sexual happiness is for everyone.’

To tap into the personal customer journey of shopping at Lovehoney, the advert centres around three real reviews left on the website, including ‘wow, wow, wow, this toy sent me to space’, ‘it’s … orgasamazing!!!’ and ‘definitely put this on your Christmas list.’

Despite previous appearances during the holiday season, this marks Lovehoney’s first-ever Christmas-specific advertisement.

Elaine Sosna, Head of International Marketing Planning at Lovehoney, described the Christmas advert as ‘yet another important step in the journey to destigmatise sexual wellbeing.’

‘Seeing a Lovehoney commercial alongside other Christmas adverts will help show how normal it is to give or receive a sex toy as a gift, and how much better your sex life could be as a result,‘ she said.

Earlier this year, Lovehoney worked within strict guidelines to allow an advert for the Womanizer Wave to be shown during the pre-9pm time slot. It’s the first time in its history that the sex toy brand has managed this feat.

Mairi Wilson, Copywriter, and Debbie Morgan, Art Director at Leith said: ‘Everyone knows Lovehoney are the absolute arbiters of pleasure – if you don’t believe us, read the reviews. It was a joy to work with the team to bring some of these witty (and wild) reviews to life and show why you really won’t want to shop anywhere else this Christmas.

Featured image: Lovehoney Christmas ad