Leith unveils heartfelt campaign to support Children’s Hospices Across Scotland

The campaign runs across TV and radio

Leith has created a new campaign for Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) to encourage donations to the Scottish charity.

CHAS supports children with life-shortening conditions, giving them and their families access to hospice and palliative care.

Following a competitive pitch earlier this year, Leith’s campaign launched on TV and radio yesterday (30 October), with further executions set to go live in Summer 2024.

Leith created a 30-second TV advert showing a mother and her son enjoying key moments together, from playing on a swing, painting, bath-time and reading together.

The final scene ends with a rug pull indicating that the entire time, her son has been dying and that all the moments were spent at the hospice, which were made possible by donations to CHAS.

Graham Steven, Fundraising Campaigns Manager at CHAS said, ‘At CHAS, we believe strongly that no family should face the death of their child alone. We’re thankful to our existing supporters who share that belief and whose donations mean families can be supported by CHAS at every stage of their most difficult journey.

Our hope is that on seeing or listening to these wonderful new adverts, new supporters will join us too so that more children with life-shortening conditions and their families can be afforded the time and space to make precious memories together no matter how short their child’s life may be.

Additionally, the Christmas radio ad sees a father narrating how CHAS helped give his terminally-ill son Charlie, ‘Christmas-time in summertime’,  with ‘time for Santa, time for toys, time for treats and hugs from grandpa’, and asks listeners to take the time to donate to CHAS.

Jess Thompson, Senior Account Manager, Leith said, ‘Time with your child is precious, especially when they’re dying. By showing the everyday moments which can so often be taken for granted, we hope to drive home the message that a simple donation can help CHAS give families the support they need to enjoy what precious time they have left together.’

Donate to CHAS here.

Featured image: Leith campaign