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The promise of the creator economy

ThoughtLeaders' Shoshana Eilon argues that there's a darker side to the creator economy, one that's a far cry from the fantasy of creative independence

Consumers in 2022: the three trends marketers need to know

Consumers in 2022: the three trends marketers need to know

Creatopy's CEO, Gabriel Ciordas, gives us three trends marketers should know for the year ahead, from online to social to personalisation


What we hoped and what we found: A retrospective analysis of the last decade’s worth of trends

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Cultural shifts to watch in 2022

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Nikki Cunningham, MD of Curious, explores how Lush can achieve successful marketing in 2022 without the use of direct social media


Influencer marketing: an incredible creative opportunity

It’s just a shame some of it is a bit rubbish


Foot in mouth disease

Brands are still finding their feet when it comes to tapping into the zeitgeist on social media but it’s a very fine line to tread, warns Chris Stokel-Walker