Check Your Baubles campaign urges women to check their breasts this Christmas

The campaign features misshapen and dimpled baubles

The Pink Ribbon Foundation (PRF), a trust dedicated to providing support to breast cancer charities, is urging women to ‘check your baubles’ this Christmas in a new social campaign by creative agency, Leith

Check your baubles features misshapen and dimpled baubles, which represent some of the visual changes breast cancer can cause to the appearance of breasts. 

As breast cancer is the most common cancer in UK females, the creative’s underlying message encourages women to check their breasts for any symptoms of breast cancer and states that the disease ‘does not discriminate among women, nor the time of year’. 

In collaboration with a number of well-known personalities and influencers, including Anthea Turner, Lizzie Cundy, Nina Wadia and Mel Schilling, the PRF asks people to consider donating the price of a bauble to enable the Foundation to continue to provide support to the numerous charities it supports

Lisa Allen, Pink Ribbon Foundation, said, ‘We know from a recent survey that nearly half of women in the UK do not regularly check their breasts for changes, and with the festive season being an extra busy period it can be even easier to forget to do these important self-checks.  Early diagnosis can make a huge difference to treatment plans and survival rates, which is why this campaign is so important.  We thank everyone for supporting this initiative and encourage both women and men to know their normal.

The baubles were created for the PRF by artist Lauren Dwyer at The Buub Project, whose mother is a breast cancer survivor.

Featured image: Check your baubles created by Lauren Dwyer