Breast Cancer Alphabet prompts people to check their breasts

The series was created for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Alexander Monro Hospital and Breast Care Foundation partnered with Amsterdam-based creative agency TBWA\NEBOKO to highlight the importance of checking your breasts.

Based in the Netherlands, the ‘Ken Je Borsten’ (translated as ‘Know Your Breasts’) campaign is designed to create awareness and educate young adults about the signs of the disease through an animated series called The Breast Cancer Alphabet.

The Breast Cancer Alphabet campaign is a series of 26 illustrations depicting cancer signs that can identified through self-examinations.

With 20-25% of people diagnosed with breast cancer each year younger than 50, the campaign is made by ‘young creatives for young people.’

As part of the campaign, a group photo of current and former breast cancer patients, their families, friends, doctors, and caretakers presenting an alphabet letter in the centre of Utrecht was shared.

The campaign is being shown across the media and online, as well as in 600 medical practices across the Netherlands and poster form in universities and hospitals.

Featured image: The Breast Cancer Alphabet / tbwaneboko


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