Breath for All: ALIMA raises awareness for medical oxygen access in sub-Saharan Africa

The campaign invites audiences to take a breath and give a breath

The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) has launched Breath for All, an awareness campaign calling for improvements to medical oxygen access across sub-Saharan Africa.

Acute respiratory infection is a leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa, and many medical facilities lack the infrastructure, equipment, and training to diagnose and treat patients in respiratory distress.

Created by boutique marketing agency Nazar Works, the campaign features 3D digital artwork by world-renowned artist Six N. Five, and is backed by an 8D music track composed by international creative music agency MassiveMusic.

Inspired by the varied landscapes of sub-Saharan Africa, each visual invites viewers to reflect on their breathing, offering guided meditations and inviting audiences to ‘take a breath and give a breath.’

Neda Azarfar, Managing Director of Nazar Works, said the team wanted to ‘create an emotional connection with a global audience around the serious and complex issue of medical oxygen.’

‘Our creative team ran with that insight, drawing audiences’ attention to their own breathing to prepare them for ALIMA’s broader message on the issue,’ she said.

Created with licensed practitioners, the campaign includes three short meditation ads (Rise, Refresh, Unwind) and a long-form video narrated by Nigerian voiceover artist Blessyn Kure, culminating in a series of ALIMA patient photos.

While breathing deeply may come easily to most, every breath is a struggle for the millions who lack medical oxygen in sub-Saharan Africa. ALIMA is working to ensure patients have access to lifesaving oxygen treatments. Breath for All encourages people to reflect on their breathing, an act often done without thought.

Charlie Kunzer, Executive Director, ALIMA USA

Featured image: Seyba Keita / ALIMA