UN launches campaign to end child marriage by 2030

Wunderman Thompson Portugal helped bring the campaign to life

UNFPA, UNICEF, and creative partner, Wunderman Thompson Portugal, have launched a campaign to raise awareness for their End Child Marriage programmes across the globe. 

The campaign, Life, Interrupted, features print ads that tell the stories of three girls from Yemen, Uganda, and India, to raise awareness of child marriage and the need for support of governments, institutions, companies, and people around the world

In order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2023, UNFPA and UNICEF have been committed to ending child marriage as an urgent priority through their global programme to End Child Marriage.

Raising the awareness of such an important initiative is a huge responsibility for us and we feel privileged to be a part of it. Bringing the End Child Marriage global programme to the world’s attention requires a standout message, and thanks to the support of UNFPA-UNICEF, we have been able to deliver a less conventional campaign which combines the incredible power of an authentic human story, dramatised with a less conventional use of language and typography.

Daniel Bonner, Global Chief Creative Officer at Wunderman Thompson

Worldwide, one in every five girls is married, formally or informally, before reaching 18 years of age. In the least developed countries, that number almost doubles: 36% of girls are married before 18, and 10% before age 15. That’s more than 12 million children whose lives are interrupted ahead of time. 

The End Child Marriage programme aims to give girls the opportunity to reach their full potential, through school and other skills.

Nuno Santos, UNICEF Global Client Lead at Wunderman Thompson said: “Wunderman Thompson is extremely proud to help UNFPA and UNICEF rally the world to join forces in order to end child marriage by 2030. It is a disturbing reality that happens far too often, and we hope that by sharing these stories we can raise awareness of the implications and help end child marriage across the world.”

Life, Interrupted will run in the press and on UNICEF and UNFPA’s global social media platforms.

Featured image: Estella / Pexels