GumGum launches initiative to raise awareness for advocacy organisations across CTV

The advertising platform will accomplish it with its new in-video unit

GumGum, a contextual-first, global digital advertising platform, announced a new initiative through GumGum Gives, the company’s program that harnesses the power of its platforms and people to create positive social impact. The initiative’s goal is to help advocacy organisations capture people’s attention and drive awareness of CTV inventory through its new, innovative in-video ad unit. The first advocacy groups to utilise the offering are The Trevor Project, WildAid, and digitalundivided.

The CTV audience is huge and continues to grow, and we are excited to work with advocacy organisations like The Trevor Project, WildAid, and digitalundivided to leverage our In-Video ad unit to help them amplify attention and grow awareness. The biggest benefit of In-Video is that it’s an extremely cost-effective and low-lift way to help these organisations meet audiences in the right moment as they watch streaming TV 

GumGum’s Chief Technology Officer, Ken Weiner

In-Video is GumGum’s newest and most innovative ad unit that provides a way for advertisers to seamlessly connect with consumers without disrupting the viewing experience. Publishers who enable In-Video are able to increase monetisation opportunities by unlocking more content for advertisers to monetise against. The overlay ad can be used by all CTV publishers and across video-on-demand (VOD) and free, ad-supported TV (FAST).

Featured image: GumGum new initiative across CTV with innovative in-video unit