GroupM teams up with industry giants to evolve streaming ads

The Ad Innovation Accelerator aims to change the 30-second ad spot

GroupM is joining forces with BrightLine, Disney, KERV, NBCUniversal, Roku, Telly, and YouTube to launch the GroupM Ad Innovation Accelerator.

The Ad Innovation Accelerator aims to evolve the traditional 30-second ad spot for streaming audiences, enhancing brand-to-viewer connections. The program will roll out first in North America for GroupM clients at Mindshare, Wavemaker, and EssenceMediacom.

The group will strategise and create scalable ad formats that are designed to be ubiquitous across ad-supported streaming environments such as Peacock, Telly, The Roku Channel and YouTube, among others. 

Andrew Meaden, Global Head of Investment, GroupM, said it’s critical to innovate new advertising experiences to ensure brands are meeting audiences where they are.

‘We have to craft a future of our industry where engagement, innovation, and outcomes converge,’ he said.

Mike Fisher, Executive Director, Investment Innovation, GroupM U.S, added, ‘Brands advertising in ad-supported streaming environments have an incredible opportunity to engage with attentive consumers, but the rapidly evolving media landscape makes it difficult for advertisers to efficiently and resourcefully launch interactive advertising campaigns.

Our clients need a simple way to activate interoperable and attributable campaigns across the ad-supported streaming ecosystem. With key stakeholders at the same table, we will shape impactful outcomes that allow advertisers to execute creative, engaging and effective campaigns.

According to GroupM’s This Year, Next Year 2023 End-of-Year Forecast, CTV advertising will increase 14.9% in North America in 2024, accelerating from 9.4% in 2023.

The newly formed working group will convene in early 2024. Partners of GroupM’s Ad Innovation Accelerator have mutually agreed to:

  • Set recurring innovation sessions and quarterly meetings to establish goals and determine outputs for newly created advertising models and methods.
  • Launch pilot programs in Q1 2024.
  • Co-create advertising formats for agnostic use across the media ecosystem using test-and-learn findings.
  • Analyse efficiency and efficacy of media campaigns using newly implemented standards and practices.

Featured image: Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash