#InDifesa collection sheds light on Italy’s sexual violence crisis

The new campaign is dubbed the 'saddest clothing collection ever.'

Swiss organisation Terre des Hommes has teamed up with creative consultancy ACNE, part of Deloitte Digital, to raise awareness on the increasing sexual violence against girls in Italy in a new campaign dubbed the ‘saddest clothing collection ever.’

The #InDifesa Collection campaign, with the collaboration of costume designer Giovanni Lipari and photographer Marco Vagnetti, features a collection of torn and ruined clothing that tells the poignant stories of the many victims of sexual violence across Italy.

The Terres de Hommes annual #InDifesa report on trends in sexual violence against minors in Italy found an increase of 44% in the last ten years, with 1,603 abuses in the country in 2022. 88% of these were against girls and young women.

That is why, on International Day of the Girl Child, Terre des Hommes sounded the alarm with #InDifesa Collection, the first clothing collection supporting young victims of sexual violence. 

The collection comprises four girls’ and young women’s dresses that show the signs of violence, with four high-impact visuals that invite reflection on the urgency of this issue and to stand on the side of the girls.

The invitation is to tear off a t-shirt -or to wear a ruined one, to show solidarity with those who have been abused.

People can donate here.

Featured image: Terre des Hommes


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