In Italy: Marketing is Espresso

Founder Marco Onorato on marketing getting authentic

Hi Marco, thanks for speaking. Can you tell us about Marketing Espresso? What’s the idea behind it and what was its aim?

Marco Onorato

Hi, thank you for having me. Marketing Espresso is a media company focuses on tailored projects for companies and corporates; having as a main core training marketing to other people. The idea behind Marketing Espresso and its Unique Value Proposition is to democratise marketing and explain it in a simple and useful way. I strongly believe that marketing can also help local and small businesses and be something essential for people in their everyday life.

When was it founded? Who’s in your team and how did you find your place in the Italian market?

Marketing Espresso was born in December 2018 during a meeting with Alessandro Vajani (Marketing Espresso’s Co-founder and Agency Director), a friend I knew during my Masters Degree and with whom I shared the dream to build a company. It was just the two of us for a few years. Then, in 2021, when Marketing Espresso became officially a registered company, we hired our first team, which today comprises 15 people. We are an under-30-team and our people are first of all supporters of Marketing Espresso, and then professionals with very different backgrounds. It is important for us to consider skills and motivation, not just the degree.

Who is your audience? How do you reach your younger targets?

Our audience includes mainly young professionals in digital marketing. We are investing in a target that in 5-10 years will get managing jobs. To reach the youngest we simply speak their languages in the channels they use. This is not easy because social media keep changing, but it’s a great challenge that can bring enormous results.

Where do you see marketing going in the near future? Any recent campaigns that have impressed you?

Marketing will go year after year into an authentic dimension. There won’t be space for exaggeration and fakery as part of the communication process. People will put more importance on real connections, even with brands. Brands, on the other hand, will face the challenge of staying consistent and real in front of their audiences. A recent campaign I’ve really appreciated is the one from Serenis. It talked about mental health in such a simple and human way, one which was important and remarkable, especially in Italy.

What are you working on at the moment?

A project I really care about is Marketing Espresso+, a place where a marketer can stay updated, learn, grow and connect with others at the same time. We are now restyling the model and it will be online in the next weeks.

Our theme of the month is ‘Leaving a legacy’. Does this resonate with you in any way?

I founded Marketing Espresso to leave a legacy. I think this is common with many entrepreneurs: reflecting their vision of the world in their company. I try to do that with Marketing Espresso, in order to embrace the change I’d like to see in the world.

Featured image: Marketing Espresso’s Team