Wavemaker UK welcomes first Head of Operations and Delivery 

Emmie Sergeant's most recent role was at OMD


Wavemaker UK has appointed Emmie Sergeant as its first Head of Operations and Delivery. 

Reporting to Katie Lee, Chief Operating Officer, Sergeant will oversee the Project Management team (PMO) to deliver multi-platform media, content, data and technology projects.

Sergeant joins Wavemaker with 18 years of experience in media planning and client management. Her most recent role as Executive Director of Operations at OMD involved supporting over 450 employees across multiple locations. 

Katie Lee, Chief Operating Officer, Wavemaker UK, said: ‘Emmie’s professional journey has cultivated a profound understanding of operational excellence, strategic planning and change management. However, what truly sets her apart is her love for working with teams and her ability to foster collaboration – injecting energy and warmth into her projects. Emmie’s expertise and dedication will continue to propel Wavemaker to greater success and I’m excited to be working with her.’

Emmie Sergeant, Head of Operations and Delivery, Wavemaker UK, added: ‘I’m really looking forward to working collaboratively with such an array of talent, and leading my team to achieve their full potential. I want to begin this position by ensuring all our teams are working effectively as one. We will then be in the best possible position to deliver unrivalled work and help to bring Wavemaker’s positive provocation mission to life.’

Featured image: Emmie Sergeant, Head of Operations and Delivery, Wavemaker UK


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