New System1 platform predicts success of brand ideas

Test Your Innovation measures customers’ emotional reactions

The Creative Effectiveness Platform System1 has launched a new platform to help brands assess the commercial potential of their ideas. Named ‘Test Your Innovation’, this platform can predict the success of new logos, taglines, products and more. In this way, it can help brands save money, time, and effort, showing them what ideas are worth the investment.

To predict success, Test Your Innovation integrates three core measures:

  • Emotional Pull: How does the idea make people feel?
  • Share trading: Which idea will attract the most investment?
  • Speed of Trading: How quickly will people decide whether to buy or sell?

Test Your Innovation then gives each idea a 1-to-5 Star Rating. According to System1, post-launch analysis has shown that 5-star ideas are three times more successful than 1-star ideas.  Considering that ideas are benchmarked against a database of more than 54,000 innovations, Test Your Innovation enables brands to identify their winning ideas before they hit the market.

Featured image: Diego PH / Unsplash