Sky Broadband hosts gaming tournament in a custom-forged sauna box

The 'Sweat Room', created by McCann London, was live on YouTube and Twitter with over 400k viewers from around the world

Sky Broadband, one of the UK’s most reliable broadband technologies and pioneers in delivering high-speed internet services, today announces the success of its ground-breaking event in partnership with global esports business Guild Esports, named Sky Broadband Sweat Room, created by McCann London.  

The Sky Broadband Sweat Room activation, held on 31st August at The Beams in London, brought together gaming enthusiasts and content creators from all corners of the UK and Europe to crown Guild’s ultimate athlete, completing the roster for their first ever pro Street Fighter 6 (SF6) esports team, spearheaded by the team captain JoKeR JoKeZ ‘Landell (UK).

Competitors duelled it out in a bespoke cubic chamber that mimicked a sauna, with temperatures rising to 150ºF dependent on how ‘hot’ audience engagement was online. The hotter the chat, the hotter the game; and the more the competitor’s performance levels, talent and endurance were tested to the max. The activation, presented by Veracity and Iain Chambers and casted by Damascus, Tyrant and F-Word, was live streamed on YouTube and Twitter. Over 400k people tuned in, from around the world.   

McCann London’s Creative Directors Matt Searle and Olly Wood, alongside creative team Ben Conway and Lauryn Raymond created Sweat Room as a playful depiction of gamers avoiding stress-sweating over bad connection; as well as nodding to gaming culture’s definition of a ‘sweaty gamer’ being someone who ‘tries too hard’, to instead reclaim the term as one befitting true commitment and blood pumping, high-performing, athletic gaming thanks to Sky’s Full Fibre.

Post-event paid and owned creative including 30”, 15” and 6” edits, are now live across social and digital platforms.

Featured image: Sweat room / Sky Broadband