Side quests give you superpowers

By embracing side quests you venture outside your bubble, says Jesper Norgaard

Ask anyone who knows me, and they will roll their eyes, let out a deep sigh and tell you that I love having a set plan. To me, plans are crucial; they’re the driving force that moves us forward, and without one we often end up going nowhere. But to my dismay, life doesn’t care about your meticulous planning, and it will throw curveballs when you least expect it. So, while having a plan is great, you must be ready for life’s side quests — it might be the best thing you’ll ever do.

Life’s side quests

The term side quest comes from the world of gaming and describes an adventure that has no impact on the main narrative of the game. Now, for life’s side quests, I would argue that this couldn’t be further from the truth — these have extraordinary impact.

In life, a side quest can be many things. A job offer that leads to an unexpected career move. A shared societal crisis. Perhaps something in your personal life, like a new-found passion or opportunity to go on an adventure.

By embracing side quests you venture outside your bubble. You make worlds collide, and expose yourself to different people, ways of thinking and new ideas that you couldn’t even imagine before. This explosion of newness forces you to look inwards and reflect — and thus, in turn, leads to personal growth. These experiences are never left behind — they linger in your mind and become an integral part of you and your story. They make you special.

Ultimately, your side quests give you superpowers.

As much as I love a well thought through plan, my own side quests have given me so much. Accepting the opportunity to move abroad has exposed me to different cultures, making me better at questioning what we often see as a given. And going through a pandemic in isolation has given me a better understanding of the importance of mental health and empathy. And my journey into the world of web3 has opened my eyes to the power of community and hype. All my side quests have had a significant impact on how I have come to see the world, and how I show up in it.

Businesses need your superpowers

Businesses don’t need armies of clones — that’s how they end up painting themselves into a corner of complacency and boredom. They need diversity of thought – people from different backgrounds with unique experiences and views on life; people who can broaden the thinking, blast open the conversation, and ultimately, challenge the status quo.

This is where your side quests come in. Your experiences make you unique, which is a bigger competitive advantage than most people realise. You see the world through a different lens. You ask questions that no one else has thought of, and you connect the dots that others don’t see. For businesses, this is not only transformational, but also magical! And thankfully, nowadays, lots of businesses realise this.

I have made Grey my home for this exact reason. The business has brought together a collective of superheroes who have all been on various side quests — some personal, some professional — that have given them unique perspectives on life, which makes for stimulating conversation, and ultimately, helps us get to better thinking.

Embrace them

So, should you have a plan in life? Yes, absolutely! It’s important to have something that drives you forward. However, your plan should be set in sand, not stone, so you’re ready to embrace the side quests — big or small — as they present themselves.

Go get those superpowers!

Featured image: Pixabay

Jesper Norgaard

Jesper is part of the strategy team at Grey London. Having lived and worked in three different countries, he brings an outsider’s perspective and a huge variety of experience. He’s a brand thinker and a digital native with a strong understanding of how the digital world works - both technically and conceptually. When he’s not thinking about people, brands and the spaces in which they collide, he’s probably brewing Ethiopian coffee, baking his famous Danish rye bread or diving down obscure YouTube rabbit holes.

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