From controlled narratives to collaborative legacies

As a cultural shift, blockchain has the potential to revolutionise marketing

In the rapidly evolving world of marketing, I’ve seen countless trends come and go. But one thing remains constant: The Power of a Legacy. Over the course of my career, I’ve come to appreciate that legacy is not about short-term impact, but an enduring imprint — a story that survives long after we’re gone. And, in a surprising turn of events, blockchain — the powerhouse technology underpinning Web3 and Crypto — redefines this narrative.

Blockchain is not just about fintech or cybersecurity anymore. As an advocate of this technology, I see it as a cultural shift with the potential to revolutionise marketing. It’s a philosophy that values transparency, decentralization, and immutability. These aren’t just buzzwords; they’re the building blocks of trust and shared purpose, the very foundations of a strong brand legacy.

This might feel unsettling. The marketing world has long been about control — crafting narratives, and shaping perceptions. But as an author, I’ve learned that the most compelling stories are those that evolve, that are shaped by their audience. Blockchain, in its democratic ethos, provides a means to translate this into the realm of brand storytelling. After all, taking part in culture means you need to establish trust, provide benefits, and give a sense of purpose for the audience to believe in through interactions, perceptions and behaviours.

Imagine a brand crafting a narrative not in the solitude of a boardroom, but in collaboration with its customers. Blockchain technology can make this a reality, allowing customers to become part of the brand story, to validate it through their interaction and engagement, all of which will be stored and globally accessible on an immutable ledger…

In my book, Brand You Economics, I’ve explored the essence of both personal and company branding and the importance of storytelling. Blockchain, I believe, can enhance this process, adding a layer of trust and engagement. A brand can create a limited-edition token on the blockchain, each one symbolizing a unique aspect of its story. These tokens can be traded, sold, or held, each action leaving an indelible mark on the brand legacy by providing utility, value and belonging beyond just being a customer.

Yet, this approach is not without its challenges. The transparency that blockchain brings demands accountability. As a trusted advisor to CEOs and CMOs, I’ve often highlighted the importance of authenticity. In a blockchain-driven world, this becomes not just a virtue, but a necessity. Every misstep, every broken promise, can leave a permanent scar on the brand’s legacy.

As marketers, we must brace ourselves for this shift. It’s not about abandoning the tried and true methods, but about integrating the new. It’s about understanding the culture of Web3, which values trust, benefits, and common purpose over mere transactions.

In my journey through blockchain and marketing, I’ve realised that the most enduring legacies are those that aren’t just told, but lived. This is the future of brand storytelling, a future where the story is not just about the brand, but also about those who engage with it. It’s a challenging idea, yes, but one that forces us to reconsider our notions of legacy.

In this brave new world, I urge you, my fellow marketers and brand custodians, to not just adapt, but to embrace the change. After all, isn’t that what leaving a legacy is all about?

Featured image: Shubham Dhage / Unsplash

Arnt Eriksen, Creative Alchemist, Author and Change Maker

Arnt Eriksen is a highly acclaimed B2B2C Marketing Executive with a reputation that spans across the globe. With a knack for enhancing brand equity in highly competitive industries and propelling market growth in commoditised environments, his expertise shines particularly in luxury, lifestyle, retail, fintech, and Web3 verticals.Eriksen's international background, having lived and worked in the Nordics, Europe, and the UK, fuels his passion for transforming and scaling global brands. His unique understanding of cultural influence on behaviour makes him an invaluable asset in the world of marketing.Renowned as a balanced left and right-brain creative alchemist, his problem-solving approach seamlessly melds strategic thinking with innovative narratives, leading to the creation of holistic marketing plans that yield disruptive results. His formidable portfolio includes collaborations with notable global brands such as Google, Meta, Visa, Paypal, American Express, Domino’s, Instagram, Coco-Cola, Vista Jet, Pringles, Liverpool FC, Gemini, and LagoFrame, to name a few.Eriksen excels in meeting commercial challenges that call for a fusion of creative and analytical thinking, adept at bridging traditional methods with unconventional solutions. He is regarded as a thought-leader and subject matter expert in the realms of conceptual marketing, social media, the Creator Economy, Web3, crypto, and Blockchain's potential impact on brands and people. In 2021, he further solidified his position as an authority in the field with the publication of his book, "Brand You Economics". A contribution from Eriksen promises a dynamic blend of insight, innovation, and influence, sure to leave a lasting impression.

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