Four favourite books: Toby Beresford

Society, economics, women and history

For the latest entry in our ‘Four favourite books’ series, author of the book, Infinite Gamification, and the Director of Digital Strategy at Bible Society, Toby Beresford, gives us his picks.

The R Factor, by Michael Schluter

A  rethink of how our society could be organised for work and play when you fully account for the value relationships.

Small is Beautiful, by E.F. Shumacher

The seminal work on economics when true costs of mineral resources and the unique contribution of agricultural production is taken into account

Invisible Women, by Caroline Criado Perez

My book of the generation — opens your eyes to how bad male only data has led to bad design for women across a range of areas from transport networks to pianos.

The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work, by Darrell Cosden

Many people wrongly assume some work is more spiritual or meaningful than others. This book debunks that hierarchy and explains how all human work can be used and finally redeemed by God — including the Roman soldiers whose nails held Christ on the cross.

Featured image: The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work, by Darrell Cosden

Toby Beresford, Director of Digital Strategy at Bible Society

Toby Beresford is Director of Digital Strategy at Bible Society and is exploring how the Bible can positively influence our shared online culture.

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