Four favourite books: Tiffany Horan

Understanding and interpreting the world around us

The Bees, by Laline Paull

Within the complex society of a beehive, Paull crafts a tale that mirrors human dynamics, but with an edge of stark urgency driven by survival instincts. Delving into themes of conformity, hierarchy, and rebellion, this narrative becomes a poignant reflection on the struggles every society faces.

The Star Diaries, by Stanisław Lem

Lem’s genius lies in his ability to intertwine the absurdities of human nature with intergalactic escapades. Through the whimsical adventures of Ijon Tichy, Lem not only comments on the quirks and foibles of our species but also prompts profound philosophical contemplation about our place in the universe.

Ways of Seeing, by John Berger

Berger’s incisive exploration of art and its interpretation is a seminal work on visual culture. He challenges conventional perspectives on art, nudging the reader to discern the layers of cultural, historical, and economic influences that shape our ways of seeing and being.

Introduction to Logic, by Irving M. Copi

Copi’s treatise on logic is an essential compass for navigating the labyrinthine pathways of reason and argument. With an articulate balance of rigour and accessibility, this book provides tools not just for philosophers, but for anyone keen on sharpening their analytical acumen.

All four works, from Paull’s intricate hive society to Lem’s cosmic musings, Berger’s visual epistemology, and Copi’s logical rigour, converge on one idea: the profound intricacy of understanding and interpreting the world around us. In diverse ways, they prod the reader to challenge their perceptions and expand their horizons. These books have deeply resonated with me, fostering a relentless curiosity about the myriad layers of existence and the frameworks we employ to interpret them.

Featured image: The Star Diaries / Stanisław Lem

Tiffany Horan, Human-centered Technology Enthusiast

Tiffany Horan is a globally-minded professional specialising in writing, SEO, and digital marketing. With degrees in art and philosophy, her expertise in aesthetics and cultural institutions seamlessly integrates with her business acumen. Growing up along the Persian Gulf and residing in Taiwan, Poland, Germany, and the UK, Tiffany embodies adaptability and a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. As a Human-centered Technology Enthusiast, she creates compelling content and employs effective strategies. Her experiences in the technology startup realm have refined her strategic and innovative mindset, making her an invaluable asset in driving business growth and success

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