Financial Times launches new ‘Without fear and without favour’ brand film onto County Hall

FT original — and now returning — motto celebrates their stance on journalism

The Financial Times has released its new brand film, Without fear and without favour, part of its fearlessly pink campaign. On the eve of the UN’s International Day of Democracy, the FT launched the film by projecting it onto County Hall, across the Thames from Westminster.

Produced by creative advertising agency the Orange Panther Collective, animation studio H5 (represented by Partizan Studio) and projection specialists Pixel Artworks, the animation shows how the words on the paper’s original 1888 masthead have inspired its journalism — and underlines the role of the press in a functioning democracy.

As we look to 2024, with elections taking place in more than 50 countries including the US, UK, India, Indonesia and Taiwan, it’s vital that we remind readers of our brand promise — to report fearlessly, making sense of global events

Finola McDonnell, FT chief communications and marketing officer

The fearlessly pink campaign — which will deliver 500mn impressions this autumn from combined brand and consumer activities — celebrates the globally recognised colour that today represents the heritage and innovation of the FT brand.

Placements will run on billboards and train stations across central London, and digital ads will reach users in Europe and North America on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and news sites. Creative will feature footage from the County Hall activation, alongside lines that will include ‘The pen is mightier than the fraud’ and ‘Whoever wrongs, we write‘.

Campaign collaborations have included Paul Smith, Brompton Bikes, Rosslyn Coffee and artists Christabel Blackburn and Martha Freud. 

Featured image: ‘Without fear and without favour’ project / Financial Times