Balance, focus and creativity

Rachel King, Founder and EP of Parkview Creative, reflects on the year ahead and what last year taught her as a leader

I’ve never really gone in for New Years’ resolutions. Starting the year with bold claims and soaring ambition feels a little too tiring after all that Christmas indulgence. In 2023 whilst the world feels so unsteady, I try to focus on the day ahead — days make weeks after all. That said, running a business means setting some goals, having some targets and making some space — both mental and physical.

This January there’s been a real trend of IN/OUT posts on social media: declarations of what needs to be gone and what needs to be invited into the promising year ahead. So in the spirit of this I thought I’d join in and share the things I’d love to kick into touch in 2023.


Anyone who entered the working world as a freelance creative would have said ‘yes’ for most of their early career. I remember juggling day jobs, night jobs, side jobs, passion projects and paid gigs for years before a career path slowly revealed itself. This year is all about saying yes with intention — the right clients, partnerships, and collaborators. Taking on work which feels laser focused on our goals and values, and will help us grow and learn as a business.

Beating the algorithm

Socials certainly have their problems and pitfalls; there’s a huge amount to be done if we are to protect ourselves, our children and our mental health in a digital-first world. That said, when used in a positive way — social platforms provide a space for movements to happen, for marginalised groups to have a voice, for fundraising, awareness building, for storytelling, creative exploration, for people to connect worldwide and for things to be seen from cultures and communities which would otherwise never have been. It’s also a place for @stratfordgerald and his red cabbage fleece.

This year I am going to go beyond the algorithm and look more deeply for the artful, zingy, nuanced creators and connect with them in a meaningful way.

Idea before everything

I like to think that the Parkview team are all big listeners and great communicators. Our process is very much synergetic, we like to work side by side with clients and keep communication collaborative but clear. One of the most important things about any good project is preserving the idea — not letting it get muddled or lost throughout the process, particularly when lots of stakeholders and multiple agendas are at play. This year we’ll continue to build trust with clients and fight for ideas that we know will fly.

Losing balance

Running a small business means wearing many hats. Maddy and I run all of our productions, often simultaneously (with help of course). On top of delivering projects we’re also supporting the team, doing the admin, chasing the money and pitching on the next job. Although we wouldn’t have it any other way, overwhelm can creep in at a moment’s notice. We have our strategies and our work hacks, but this year we’ll be defending our downtime and keeping the sacred balance.

Not all good work is sexy, not all sexy work is good

2022 taught me not to be reticent about those internal jobs or educational pieces — because that’s the content really making a difference. Last year we worked on projects which tackled inequality in the workplace, supporting transitions in sustainable farming, training on sexual trauma and mental health. Important and difficult topics for clients who are making real shifts in policy and culture. This year we’ll continue to guide them on how to deliver important messages, bolstered with the power of aesthetics and design.

It’s easy to be idealistic at the turn of the year and ride on the optimism of a fresh start. But we also shouldn’t be too unkind when things happen and good intentions unravel. All I really know is yesterday was brilliant and today is shaping up pretty well too.

Featured image: Markus Spiske / Unsplash

Rachel King, Founder and EP, Parkview Creative

Rachel King is the founder of and executive producer at Parkview Creative, an independent creative studio that works with brands to tell stories across film, photography, animation and podcast production.Rachel and her team at Parkview craft compelling content for big names and local startups alike. With an art degree education, agency-side production background and experience in the Impact sector, she has become the go-to for brands seeking to tell beautifully shot stories that matter.Her extraordinary portfolio of work is testament to her passion for capturing meaningful and memorable stories through her hands-on approach to photography and directing. She is committed to championing female empowerment, while working with creatives who are inspired to use their influence for good.Rachel has worked behind the lens on campaigns for everyone from L’Oreal to NHS, Universal Music to Eurostar, Aura Fertility to Good Earth Cotton. She ensures that each and every one of Parkview’s projects honours her personal commitment to inclusivity, diversity and creative excellence.

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