illy partners with Feels Like to launch e-commerce platform

The rebrand has a focus on sustainability

Premium Coffee brand illy has partnered with design and innovation studio Feels Like to launch a new e-commerce platform. The new digital identity aims to position illy as a high-end, premium coffee brand with sustainability in focus.

Oriol Castellar, Art Director at Feels Like, said, ‘Together with illycaffè, we built an online space that’s all about the joy of coffee. A place that reflects illy’s dedication to providing the world’s finest coffee with sustainability at its core. From design to content, we get inspired by coffee flavours, tones and senses, turning a simple visit into an exciting coffee journey.’

The new digital identity was brought to life by focusing on re-telling the illy brand story with text and photography. The focus is on how the brand takes into account eco-production, from bean to cup, and how consumers can make environmentally conscious purchase decisions through recycling capsules, among other things. 

Adria Montiel, UX lead at Feels Like, added, ‘We aimed to enhance the illy brand while significantly improving the customer experience, considering the customer needs when purchasing premium-quality coffee, ensuring a substantial impact on the overall experience and illycaffè’s business outcomes.’

Featured image: illycafe ecommerce platform