Why an audience craves truth and authenticity on social media

Foster meaningful connections and cut through the noise

In a world saturated with filters, self-promotion, and carefully curated content, it’s no wonder that audiences are craving a breath of fresh air on social media. More than ever, people yearn for realness, honesty, and authenticity. They want to connect with individuals and brands on a deeper level, free from the facade of perfection. A survey conducted by Social Media Today revealed 86% of people say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support. This is especially true of younger generations — who now command $200 billion in annual spending power but are the least engaged with brands. An overwhelming 90% of Millennials and Gen Z say brand authenticity is important, proving that younger consumers prefer ‘real and organic’ over ‘perfect and packaged’. 

So, why does an audience want truth and authenticity on social media? 

Building trust

Trust has become a scarce commodity in an age of misinformation and fake news. Audiences are becoming increasingly sceptical and discerning about the information they consume. They want to follow accounts and engage with content they can rely on. By being transparent and truthful, individuals and brands can build trust with their audience. Trust is the foundation of any meaningful relationship, and social media is no exception.

Relatability and connection

Authenticity breeds relatability. It resonates with us when we see someone being genuine and authentic to themselves on social media. Look at Jack Grealish during the treble win celebrations. Whilst some criticised, most rejoiced in him being him; it was like he was doing exactly what we would all do in that situation. Celebrating, joyous! Something like that reminds us that we’re all human, navigating life’s ups and downs. Audiences crave that connection, the feeling that they’re not alone in their struggles and triumphs. No one is perfect. By sharing authentic stories and experiences, individuals and brands can foster community and create meaningful connections with their audience.

Fostering engagement

Ever noticed how some posts go viral while others fall flat? Authenticity is the secret sauce that fuels engagement on social media. Audiences are more likely to interact, comment, and share content that they find genuine and relatable. By providing an authentic perspective or insight, individuals and brands can spark conversations and ignite a passionate response from their audience. Some of our most watched content on our channel Stephen Hendry’s Cue Tips, are when the audience sends in questions to the guests; they feel they are not just an audience member but part of the team. 

Cutting through the noise

In a crowded digital landscape, being authentic is a way to stand out from the noise. Audiences are bombarded with content daily, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to capture their attention. By being truthful and authentic, individuals and brands can cut through the clutter and make a lasting impression. Authenticity is a powerful differentiator that helps content rise above the rest.

Influencing purchase decisions

Authenticity sells! Audiences are more likely to trust the recommendations and endorsements of individuals and brands they perceive as genuine. The rise in TikTok Shops and even big Prime has become all on the back of belief in the creator’s belief in the product. Audiences want to support and align themselves with products and services that share their values. By being transparent and authentic about their offerings, individuals and brands can influence the purchase decisions of their audience and cultivate a loyal customer base.

In a world where social media often feels like a highlight reel of picture-perfect moments, audiences seek truth and authenticity. They want to follow individuals and engage with brands that are genuine, relatable, and transparent. By providing truth and authenticity on social media, individuals and brands can build trust, foster meaningful connections, drive engagement, cut through the noise, and influence purchase decisions. So, know who you are as an individual or a brand, and be yourself. The audience wants the truth on social media. 

Featured image: Jack Grealish celebrates during Manchester City’s Treble parade / Sky Sports

Scott Lavell, Head of Social Strategy, Social Bull Media

Scott started his career at Sky Sports working on the long-running and much-loved Soccer AM before joining JOE Media as a Creative Producer working on the brand's first Live in Studio Show, Total Tekkers, sponsored by Xbox. His love of YouTube and original content sparked the beginning of Social Bull Media, which he co-founded in 2021 with three fellow digital experts. At Social Bull, Scott oversees and operates all of the agency’s creative production, single-handedly creating ‘Tubes and Angle Golf Life’ on his own (most of the time) and is the resident Live Streaming wizard. Scott’s incredible understanding of new tech and constant search for innovative ways to create for social, make him an invaluable asset. Everyone at Social Bull admires Scott for his creativity and his speed of technical learning. He leads the team with his energy, and his work ethic is something to behold. He approaches every challenge with a smile and multiple solutions, and his quirky sense of humour is imperative to the dynamic

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