Visual metaphors: isobel’s surreal spot for JET

The campaign is part of a six-week programme of activity

London-based creative agency, isobel, is today launching the first instalment of leading fuel brand, JET’s iconic Keep on Moving campaign for 2023 — as part of a six-week programme of activity.

The two films which launch the campaign were created entirely in CGI to demonstrate the simple idea that JET is here to help drivers get back on the road. The first film features a retro blue convertible as it glides along a picture-perfect countryside road on a sun-drenched afternoon. Inside the car sit four large yellow balloons, which gradually begin to deflate as the car continues its journey. Then, as the car passes through a JET service station, they immediately re-inflate. We see the car driving off towards the horizon as the words ‘Keep on Moving’ appear in bold yellow font. 

In the second film, the premise is repeated but instead of balloons the ‘passengers’ are giant light bulbs that dim and illuminate as the convertible passes through a JET service station.

The films were directed by the Perlorian Brothers with the production company, MJZ and uses original music created for the campaign. The films will launch nationwide for the first time on Sky AdSmart VOD, Linear, YouTube and social, as the inaugural executions for a wider series of activations over the year including social and digital.

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