Use of generative AI tools in PR doubled in 2023

Muck Rack report measured attitudes in early and late 2023

Muck Rack’s latest report, State of AI in PR, shows that use of generative AI tools among PR professionals has doubled throughout 2023.

The report shows how PR professionals’ attitudes towards using generative AI tools have changed throughout 2023. Muck Rack carried out two surveys with over 1,000 PR professionals in March and November to measure the adoption of generative AI tools among PR professionals.

The number of PR professionals who said they already use generative AI in their workflow increased by more than twofold from 28% in early 2023 to 64% in late 2023 while number of PR professionals who were unsure about using AI or didn’t plan on it decreased from 24% to 8% and 15% to 5% respectively.

AI and PR: Use cases

A vast majority of PR professionals said using AI helps with the quality and efficiency of their projects. The report shows that 64% of PR professionals use generative AI to write social copy, 58% use it for research, 58% to write press releases, 54% to craft pitches, 43% for strategy and planning, 16% to generate images to accompany content and 15% to find journalists. 95% of respondents said they edit the output after they use AI to generate text.

The survey also examined attitudes toward the disclosure of use of AI, with 35% of the PR professionals working on the brand side stating that AI use should be disclosed by agencies all of the time while only 19% of PR professionals at agencies stating AI use should be disclosed to the client.

The report also looked into worries around the use of AI tools in PR. Although more than half the respondents surveyed use generative AI tools, a vast majority feared younger PR professionals will rely too heavily on AI and clients and firms won’t need content creators in the future.

Muck Rack’s State of AI in PR 2024 report is available to download here.